How to Waste Time When You’re Feeling Stressed and Overworked

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, I’m feeling a bit stressed and overworked. I have a seven page essay due at the end of the week and I’ve got a bad case of writer’s block. I’m also juggling the rest of my homework around rehearsal every night. I’ve had to do that a lot, but it still stresses me out. My cure? Time-wasting. Sure, it doesn’t get the job done, but it helps me relax. I now present my top time-wasting ideas to reduce stress:

Replay the same song over and over again
I do this a lot. I’ll get a song stuck in my head and no amount of replaying it will make it go away. On the bright side, music helps me think.

Start an art project
I’m quite fond of doing this. Recently I’ve been making and altering items for my costume chest. A costume chest is a very useful thing for an actress to have, and it keeps me entertained.

Write really bad poetry
I excel at this. I’ve only written a few decent poems, and though poetic phrases often flit through my brain, I have trouble stringing these phrases together. Still, writing poetry, even really bad poetry, can be rather freeing.

Doodle while listening to an audiobook
Doodling is a great stress reliever. I do it all the time during math class. When I’m at home I like to doodle while listening to an audiobook or some music.

Watch a movie
You could watch a really bad movie and laugh at all the one-dimensional characters. Or you could watch a really good movie and cry when your favorite character is killed off. The same goes for TV shows.

Take a bath
Warm water and bubbles can be very relaxing.

Read blogs
This one should be self-explanatory.

Write a post for your blog
Hmmmm… perhaps I’ll try that.

Well, I hope you can look back on these if you’re stressed and find something useful. I now must go and write the essay I’m stressing over. I don’t know how to end this, so may the force be with you. Be free from stress.

My First Post: An Introduction

Hello! Artgirl here. I also go by littlemarais98 and Wren, but if you like you can make up an interesting nickname for me. I consider myself to be an artist, performer, and writer, though I may or may not have actual skill in these areas. In addition to the aforementioned, I like to fill my time reading, going to see movies and plays, eating more candy than strictly necessary, singing along to my iPod, and collecting art supplies (especially fancy papers and stickers). As a teen with celiac disease, I eat gluten-free, but it doesn’t get in the way of my love of food. (Did I mention I like candy?)

A while back I realized that I could do something with my thoughts, ramblings, writings, and all of the other randomness floating around inside my head. I recalled a dream I once had about alien cows (see my “About the Name” page for details). At first, I used this name jokingly, not actually planning to call my blog “Alien Cows”, but the title grew on me. It’s short, easy to remember, and captivates the reader’s attention. You can also glean my imaginative nature from the title. So, the title stayed, and a blog was created.

We now come to the point in my opening post in which I tell the readers what will be in this blog. You probably won’t find much related to alien cows. (I promise that if I see a real alien cow wearing pink butterfly sunglasses you’ll be the first to know.) The content of this blog will be quite varied. Perhaps one day I’ll choose to write about the importance of ice cream in society, and the next I’ll be writing a review of the book I finished reading. I plan on mainly posting writing samples; reviews of books, movies, and plays; and the thoughtful or random things crossing my brain that are actually worth posting about. This list is apt to grow as I branch out and become a more experienced blogger.

I believe that is all I wanted to say. So, live long and prosper, readers. I hope you enjoy my blog.