A Thousand Things

I know, I know. It has been well over a week since I posted here. I’m busy with what seems like a thousand things, hence the title. I couldn’t think of what to post today, so here’s a life update about why I’m so busy:

I am an actress. I have been acting for a long time, and enjoy it thoroughly. Usually. Currently I am playing a mermaid, dancer, and wolf in a production of Peter Pan. We are in our very last week of rehearsals, known as “tech week” to performers. Tech week traditionally contains the longest and most tedious rehearsals. Rehearsal times this week are not as bad as they have been in the past, they’re only three and a half hours a night, but tiring nonetheless. Our first performance is Friday, and I’m a little nervous that we won’t be ready on time, but then, I feel that way about all of my performances.

School is also keeping me very busy. In my acting class, I need to have my lines memorized for an eight page scene by Monday at the latest. I also have to find a one minute monologue by Friday. And of course there’s homework, homework, and more homework. It could be worse. A couple of weeks ago I had a six page paper due.

That concludes my life update for today. So, wish me luck, or, as we say in the theater world, tell me to “break a leg”. I’m off to rehearsal.


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