Mistakes and Magic

Last night was opening night for Peter Pan! It went good, for the most part. Some things were great, and others didn’t go exactly as planned. I will explain all. First, the bad:

About an hour before the show started we found out our Tiger Lily had been in an accident. As far as I know, she’s fine, she just hurt her arm so she couldn’t perform. One of the cast members had to do a last-minute fill-in. Also, in the chaos of a fight scene just before the second act, a girl may or may not have broken her nose. I don’t know the details of what happened, since I was not onstage at the time. Aside from those things, the show went well. There were a few small mishaps and mistakes, but those are present in most performances.

Now for the good parts of the show. There is something about opening night that makes the actors a little more excited and energetic than normal. Having a real audience in front of you fills you with elation, as well as a small amount of nervous terror. Some of the performers were outstanding, they did much better than they did when they were in rehearsal because they had an audience to react to. The flying was also amazing. (Yes, I did just say flying. We had people flying onstage, which looked really cool. That’s where the “magic” bit comes in.) The energy level was spectacular, and I felt a real surge of camaraderie within the cast. Afterwards, we were all very relieved to have completed our first show without messing up too badly.

I’ll probably think of more things I wanted to say later, but for now, I’ll sign of with some bad pirate jokes. The show is full of ’em.

What’s a pirate’s favorite sock?

Why couldn’t the pirate go to the movie?
Because it was rated arrrr!

Why is corn so cheap for pirates?
Because it’s a buck an ear.

Why didn’t the pirate go to the store?
Because it was too farrrr!

What do pirates wear in the wintertime?

Why do pirates have a hard time learning their alphabet?
Because they’ve spent so many years at sea!

How did the pirate cross the road?
In his carrrr!

Those jokes practically write themselves. Well, if you ever find yourself in need of a bad pirate joke, now you know where to get one.


2 thoughts on “Mistakes and Magic

  1. Those are some Pretty good jokes you’ve got there.. 🙂 I hope everyone who got injured gets better, and that everything else will run smoothly

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