27 Ways to Tell Your Parents You Don’t Like Stir Fry

I do like stir fry, by the way. I am posting this in honor of the great Bean of YWP NaNoWrimo, a.k.a. Topazly, a.k.a. lot’s of other nicknames I can’t currently remember. Anyway, here’s a list of both unrealistic and semi-realistic ideas:

1. Write a poem about it.
2. Embroider the words “Mum, I don’t like stir fry” onto a towel
3. Write it on a T-Shirt
4. Compose a song about it
5. Casually bring it up in conversation.
6. Write a 95 thesis containing all of the reasons you don’t like stir fry and nail it to your kitchen doorway.
7. Slip a note about it under someone’s pillow
8. Slip an angry note about it under someone’s pillow
9. Rent a boat, pillage your house of all necessary stir fry ingredients, and dump everything overboard in the dead of night (preferably while in Boston)
10. Frost “I Don’t Like Stir Fry” onto a cake (the cake is a lie)
11. Feed it to a tribble.
12. Feed it to a hungry dwarf smuggled secretly under the table.
13. Hold a respectful and diplomatic family meeting concerning your reasons for disliking stir fry.
14. Cast the stir fry into the fires of Mount Doom
15. Paint a HUGE banner about it and hang it at the top of a tall building.
16. Make your brother do it
17. Write a note in lemon juice explaining your feelings along with instructions to hold the note up to a candle
18. Make up a dance routine. Your parents will be so awed by your amazing skills that they won’t care if you like stir fry or not.
19. Create a national “I Don’t Like Stir Fry Day”
20. Change your name to “I Don’t Like Stir Fry”
21. Write a novel about it
22. Or, when writing an author biography for a novel, surreptitiously slip in a mention of your dislike for stir fry
23. Create a superhero called “The Stir Fry Annihilator” and make a costume, imagine powers, and write a themesong. Then, present your superhero to your family.
24. Pretend to be Spock and list all the reasons why it is logical to dislike stir fry.
25. Pretend to be Darth Vader and cut the stir fry down with your almighty lightsaber
26. Tell your parents you are the captain of an airship and will not tolerate such nonsense as stir fry.
27. Post about it on your blog

Plans, Plans, Plans, and More Plans

In which Artgirl posts about her summer plans, writing plans, and a few life goals (for good measure).

Writing Plans:

1. This November I’m planning on writing the third book in my currently untitled trilogy. I wrote the previous two books for NaNo of 2011 and 2012. These are basically high fantasy novels set in a world of my own creation with lot’s of battles and evil people trying to conquer everyone. Don’t worry, they have detailed plots, though the specific plot of the third book is currently eluding me.
2. I also need to finish typing/editing the first drafts of my 2011 and 2012 novels.
3. I tried camp NaNoWriMo for the first time in April, and I need to finish writing/editing the first draft of my novel for that. It’s also a high fantasy novel, this time set in a completely different imaginary world. I do so love creating my own fictional worlds. The book involves a dangerous quest to rescue a kidnapped queen.
4. I started a prequel to my 2011/2012/2013 NaNo series and have the plot all planned out, so I need to finish writing that.
5. I’m planning on having my Camp NaNo novel be the first in another trilogy, and I have the plot of the second book semi-figured out already.
6. For YWP NaNo, I’m working on a short story for an anthology entitled Rainbow Snog, which promotes LGBTQA+ romance. I need to finish that in a couple of days. I’m almost done, I just need to write a few more pages. It’s horribly depressing, but I just can’t seem to write romance that turns out well for the characters involved.
7. I’m taking a few writing classes this summer (more on that later).
8. I’d like to start writing more poetry, because I’m woeful at it. I have maybe written only two halfway decent poems ever.

Summer Plans:

1. I’m going to Puerto Rico for a youth group mission trip in June. I’m really excited, but also nervous. We have to go zip lining on our second to last day, and I detest that sort of thing. I’m also nervous about flying, even though I’ve flown plenty of times.
2. I’m taking a fanfiction writing class in June/July. I’ve never written fanfiction, so it’ll be fun to try. I don’t have many ideas as of yet. Perhaps I’ll write my version to the ending of the last book in the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins. They’re not as popular as her other books, but just as good in my opinion, and I would strongly recommend them.
3. I’m going to be a counselor at the summer camp I’ve attended ever since about fifth grade. I’m both nervous and excited for this. On the one hand, I’ll get to return to a place that has become a second home to me over the years, but on the other hand I’m really shy and bound to mess something up. Does anyone have any tips about working with children? The ones I’m counseling will probably be between 9 and 11 years old.
4. I’m traveling to Northern Minnesota for a much-anticipated annual family reunion on the shores of Lake Superior.
5. In August I’m taking a class that studies the impacts movie soundtracks have on writing (mainly through writing). I’m looking forward to this class because it combines two of the things I love most: writing and music. If there were food involved, it would be just about perfect.
6. I plan on doing a lot of relaxing, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, laughing, eating ice cream, singing, crafting, and just being my crazy self this summer.

And just for good measure:

Life Plans:

Or, crazy dreams that are never going to happen but Artgirl holds onto them firmly anyway.

1. I would love to play Eponine in Les Miserables someday. I don’t care if it’s on broadway or a tiny community theater stage, but I want to play this part more than any other. This is one dream that might actually happen. I will make it happen, through practice and hard work and relentless auditioning.
2. I want to be on broadway or act in a movie, but these are really fantasies more than dreams. I’d be perfectly happy if I grow up to be a successful local actress living in a shoebox apartment.
3. I’d to publish a novel through an actual publishing company, not self-publishing. Preferably this will happen with more than one book.

So I guess those goals aren’t completely unrealistic, well, except for the middle one. I guess I just don’t need to be famous. I’d like to be a renowned author and actress, of course, but one who lives a relatively simple life and can walk down the street without getting mobbed by paparazzi. Fame really doesn’t interest me. What are some of your dreams or goals?

I Have An Idea!

Actually, it was my Mom’s idea. But oh well.

I keep a quote book. It’s a list of all the random, amusing, or unusual things I overhear that I keep in a little notebook, which I carry with me most of the time. My Mom came up with the idea that every time I post on a Friday, I should include a few quotes from the quote book. I liked this idea, so I’m starting a tradition.

Before I post today’s quotes, I’d like to ask you not to use these quotes for anything. I have written them down mainly because I hope to include a few of these lines in a future novel. Thank you. And now for today’s quotes:

“I tend not to judge people based on their bowel movements.”
I heard this in French class one day. This quote is the reason I decided to start writing down the interesting things people say.

“I licked her face today and she still complimented me!”
This quote comes from a particular student in my advanced geometry class. Funnily enough, quite a few of the quotes in my book come from him.

“I could probably fit my whole fist in your mouth.”
Another quote from the kid in my math class.

“I don’t like pants.”
And again.

“He wasn’t even wearing pants today.”
It seems we’re carrying on a similar theme.

“How do you accidentally lift up a teacher?”
I do not know.

Well, that’s all for today. What are some interesting things you’ve overheard people say?

Seeking Empathy

noun \ˈem-pə-thē\
Ability to imagine oneself in another’s place and understand the other’s feelings, desires, ideas, and actions. (my thanks to http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/empathy for the definition)

Today in my Intro to Theater class we performed skits written and created by ourselves entitled “Me”. The skits were profoundly moving, causing tears and sobs throughout. It was as if each person had poured out their heart and soul to the class, which indeed they had. I learned things about my classmates I never knew or suspected. I felt honored that my friends had chosen to reveal such personal things to me. I also felt guilty.

Nearly everyone performed about the dark sides of themself. Certain images stand out to me: a girl writing a letter on the window to her dead father, promising never to forget him, making him promise never to forget her; a boy stuffing pictures of the evils of the world into a jar labeled “Bad Things” and throwing it away; a girl repeating the same line again and again, “Mother, why doesn’t anybody like me?; a girl, one of the kindest and most talented I know, saying “I am an accident”. People spoke of masks, abandonment, death, anxiety, loss, self harm, feeling trapped, alone, afraid, unwanted. And I felt guilty.

Guilt is something I have begun to struggle with more and more as I grow up. My friends talk about all the horrible, unbelievable, traumatizing events in their past, and all I can think is I am not worthy. I am not worthy to be their friend because I haven’t experienced nearly as many evils as they have. My problems seem trivial in comparison. I am not worthy because, as I haven’t gone through what they have, I cannot adequately understand them. My problems aren’t huge, and therefore they aren’t really problems at all.

Whenever I start on this track of thinking, I bring to mind a quote from a book by Julia Alverez called Finding Miracles. “Nothing is small if the heart feels it.” I have problems just like anyone else does, even though they’re smaller than those my friends have. Maybe my father didn’t abandon me, but I have still felt alone and unwanted. Maybe I wasn’t severely bullied in school, but I have still felt the need to wear a metaphorical mask instead of being myself. I have felt grief, loss, pain, loneliness, sorrow, and fear without having to experience the horrors some of my friends have had to go through. I can empathize without having been traumatized. I’m an actress, it’s what I do.

I always think of empathy as putting oneself in another’s shoes. In the definition given above, empathy is described as the ability to imagine oneself in another’s place in order to understand them. It does not say the person needs to actually be in that place. I can be there for my friends without having gone through what they have. I seek to adequately understand them, but maybe the word “adequately” is subjective. I understand their emotions, if not their experiences. That’s adequate enough, isn’t it?

I’d like to end this post with a few lines from “Light”, a song from the musical Next to Normal.
“Day after day
Give me clouds and rain and gray
Give me pain, if that’s what’s real
It’s the price we pay to feel
The price of love is loss
But still we pay
We love anyway.”

Freshman Year Highlights

I was going to post my review, but it really is awful, so I think I’ll post that once I’ve edited it. However, the school year is winding down (a week and a half left!), so I thought I’d post a reflection on my first year of high school.

I’ve heard many people talk about how horrible Freshman year was for them. I’m on the complete opposite of the spectrum–I thoroughly enjoyed this year. It was definitely one of the best school years I’ve ever had. This was partially due to my classmates. I go to a performing arts school, and I have my two arts classes every day with the same group of people. At first, I expected there to be a lot of drama, my school being an arts school and all. I have had no real drama in any of my classes, and for that I am grateful. Aside from that, my class is just a wonderful group of people. We’re like a family. We’ve grown close over the course of this year.

Often times artists are not treated kindly growing up. Many of the adult actors I know say they were social outcasts when they were younger. It’s not that bad for me, and I was never severely bullied like many of my friends, but I never really felt like I fit in at my old school. I loved the place, but I was also lonely. At my new school, many of us can bond over not fitting in anywhere else. We fit in with each other, and that’s what’s important. For the first time, I’m friends with everyone in my class, or at the very least, on friendly terms with everyone. It’s a lovely feeling. I trust them, and they trust me.

Another thing I love about my school is the location. I won’t say where it is, but it’s a campus in a very beautiful area of a city. We have open lunch, and recently it’s been warm enough to eat outside. Some students play the guitar or the ukulele, so there’s nearly always someone playing music outside during lunch. It makes everything even more pleasant. Lazing on the grassy knoll. chatting and laughing with friends under the cloudless blue sky, taking silly pictures, a strumming of notes in the background–what more could one ask of life?

My classes themselves are fascinating. That’s not to say I enjoy every lesson, I get bored in school like any other normal student, I just like my classes and teachers overall. My favorite academic classes are probably English and French. English has always been a favorite subject of mine because I love to read and write, and I have really good teacher this year. The teacher of my French class is what makes the subject so interesting. She’s a great teacher, she gives us plenty of speaking practice and has games for us to play to practice vocabulary. We’ve also gotten to do fun things like make masks and watch a movie in French.

I’ve had many interesting arts classes as well. My favorite classes first semester were dance and artistry. We spent about half the class period warming up in dance, but I loved being inside the studio and thinking, how many schools have their own set of dance studios? Then I’d ride the escalator to the first floor and think, how many schools have an escalator? Artistry was fun because most of what we did was writing/performing our own skits in groups. I’ve always loved this sort of thing, and some of my classmates have brilliant ideas.

This semester my favorite arts classes were probably singing and acting. I love to sing, and I didn’t get to first semester. We had to sing Italian art songs because of juries, presentations of a song, monologue, and dance in front of your class and a panel of judges in a professional setting to show what you’ve learned, but it was still fun just to get to sing in class. Sometimes afterwards we’d walk down the street to our next class singing. To practice for juries, we had to sing solos in front of the class, which was terrifying at first, but ended up being kind of fun. I really liked acting because our big project this semester was scenes. The scene I was assigned was amazing, and it was really fun to work on. My character was a very different character than I’m used to playing, so it was an enjoyable challenge to play her.

Now that I’ve bored you with information about school, I’m off to make a Mothers’ Day card for my mom. I’ll try not to neglect my blog, though I’m quite stuck on what to post. Any ideas? It’ll be easier to post more this summer, because I won’t have homework. I suppose I will have vacations…ah, well. Happy almost not quite yet summer!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Avvie from Avon’s Babbles (http://avonsbabbles.wordpress.com/) has given me an award! Though I feel it is somewhat undeserved, as I have only just started blogging, I thank her immensely because I was desperately in need of something to post. Here are the rules:

1. Display the award certificate on your website
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers (or in my case, six, because I am only just starting to read blogs)
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
5. Post seven interesting things about yourself

I’m always quite dreadful at coming up with facts about myself, but I’ll give it a go.

1. I am completely awful with technology and only recently began actually spending any time on the internet.
2. I have participated in the young writer’s program of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo or NaNo for short) for two years now, and won both times.
3. For the first time this year I tried Camp NaNoWriMo in April and won. I didn’t post here at all during April because I was focusing on my writing.
4. I am slightly obsessed with Marvel superheros, Star Trek, Star Wars, and other things typically labeled as “nerdy”.
5. My favorite color is purple.
6. I go to a performing arts school, and my classes this semester are acting, movement, singing, theater studies, musicianship, text analysis, French 1, honors English, honors world history, honors biology, and advanced geometry.
7. I enjoy traveling and have been to Canada, New York, Florida, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and North Carolina, among others. I hope to travel Europe someday and long to visit Italy.

Now for my nominees:

Sararosa at http://umthatwassararosa.wordpress.com She is a wonderful writer and friend.
Nevillegirl at http://musingsfromnevillesnavel.wordpress.com I am well aware that she has already been nominated, but hers is one of the few blogs I follow and her posts always manage to cheer me up
Laurel at http://gayandaway.blog.com Zhe is lovely and inspiring on NaNo and has recently started blogging
Miriam Joy at http://miriamjoywrites.com Her blog is very inspiring, especially when I’m hopelessly stuck on one of my novels
Thay at http://themagiccomesback.wordpress.com She was very inspiring role model on NaNo (and she has also already been nominated)
Orphu at http://amirrormadeofwords.wordpress.com She is a wonderful NaNoer and blogger, and her most recent post about books made me smile (and she has also already been nominated).

Sadly, I don’t read more blogs (though I should), so I can’t nominate anyone else. Also, I will hopefully be posting a book review of The Gurensy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society soon. Be prepared. It will no doubt be one of those posts I look back on a year later and think “Wow, I was so bad at reviewing and blogging in general back then.”