Two Poems About Doctor Who

I know, I know. Yet another post revolving around Doctor Who. I do apologize if you’ve never seen the show and are finding these posts quite boring, but I enjoy posting about it. I plan on posting some of my sketches soon, and even though some of them are Doctor Who related, I think you’ll still enjoy them. I’m not saying they’re any good, mind, but I like to sketch. I digress.

The subject of today’s post is two poems I have written about Doctor Who, as is evident in the title. I promised I’d show them to you in my last post, so here they are. A warning: these are not the best examples of my poetry skills. I like them enough to post them here, but don’t judge my overall abilities with poetry based on these two poems alone.

My first poem, currently lacking a title, is an abecedarian poem, meaning that each line starts with a letter in alphabetical order. I’m rather proud of being able to find something for x. Here it is:

A mad man with a
Blue box, that’s me.
Companions, always remember:
Don’t wander off. And if you hear
‘Exterminate!’ Run
For your lives.
Girls may love me, but
Harkness does too.
I don’t want to go.
Just know that time travel only makes things more complicated.
K-9 and my other companions are gone.
Last of the Time Lords, that’s me. Although the
Master could still be at large.
Now, how to become a companion of mine?
Prepare yourself.
Quietly I’ll whisper
Stay close to me and the
Unless you’d like to die a painful death.
Very well. Now learn about the daleks,
Warriors of hate and
Xenophobes of the galaxy
Yes, I think you’re ready.
Zebra fish! Allons-y, geronimo.

Poem #2 is also untitled. I wrote it when I was still on season four and daydreaming about traveling in the TARDIS. Which is absurd, because most people, myself included, wouldn’t last a day traveling with the Doctor. But nearly every fangirl (and fanboy) dreams about it anyway, so here is my tribute to that dream:

I’ve been converted to the fandom
I’m in the middle of season four
I have a long way yet to go
But I long for something more

The temptation of the TARDIS
The whole of time and space
The dream I have inside me
Is more than I can face

I long to travel the universe
The Doctor at my side
But there is fear within me
My fears, they won’t abide

Doctor, take me with you
Grab my hand and whisper “run!”
Adventures will be had
Battles will be won

But then my fears come back to me
The peril of painful death
I’m afraid that with the Doctor
I will draw my final breath

The universe is calling
And the song goes on and on
Will I be strong and face my fears?
Or let them linger on?

I know I’m just another fangirl
No more special than all the rest
Maybe I’d be a lousy companion
But maybe I’d be the best

So Doctor, I’ll be waiting
Every day I’ll search the sky
Because with you in your blue box
I’ll have the chance to fly.

There you are. Two poems about Doctor Who, as promised. I hope you liked them. Au revoir!


2 thoughts on “Two Poems About Doctor Who

  1. Aaaaaah I love this. Where to start, where to start…

    A and B are clever, you worked in the important stuff right away!

    And just… I like the simple stuff like “Last of the Time Lords, that’s me” and “Run”. And “I don’t want to go”. *high-fives* *will probably burst into tears when she sees that episode again*

    Finally, “Girls may love me,/But Harkness does too.” is brilliance.

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