A Few of My Sketches

Speaking of serialized posts, I’ve been meaning to post a few photos from my sketchbook here, so I thought I’d share some today. Here they are:

Le Drawing Number One

I apologize for the sidewaysness. I was having technical difficulties. This one started out as a random picture that popped into my head of a Victorian lady after she was jilted at the altar, but then I wanted to make the picture colorful and I added a fez and she sort of became sort of a female Doctor. I mean, she looks nothing like any of the Doctors, she just seems really Doctor-y.

Tenth Doctor Yeah

I started this a few months back after I watched Ten’s regeneration (sniffle sniffle). I’m not totally satisfied with it, but I thought I’d share it anyways. Again, I apologize for it being sideways.

The Enigmatic River Song

Urgh. This one didn’t turn out as I was hoping either, though I am proud of the hair. I am not proud of it being sideways.

Another Drawing

This started out of a character of mine but ended up not being the character. Of all the drawings I’ve posted it’s my favorite, although the image quality isn’t the greatest. Like I said, technical difficulties.

And that’s all for today. Hope you liked the sketches!