22 Ways to Ask Someone to Dance With You

The end of year dance is coming up in two weeks today, and that may seem like a long time but I’m already stressing. I’m going with a girl I can barely form coherent sentences around, much less ask to dance. I have the bad habit of being either awkwardly silent or babbling incessantly in her presence, but I don’t want to do that. I want to look cool. So here are 22 cool ways to ask a girl–or anyone–to dance with you:

1. Walk over to her. Look at the ground in a cute, abashed way, and run your palm through your hair backwards, intentionally messing up your hair. According to my Sources this is a primary queer girl flirtation ritual. (My Sources being the LGBTQ+ blogs I read and my real-life nonstraight friends who do this constantly.) I have tried doing this with my hair but it doesn’t quite work because it’s too long. After this, look up and say sheepishly, “So…I was wondering…would you like to dance with me?” You look cute and irresistible and it probably won’t be hard pulling off the embarrassed part.

2. Grin at her, hold out a hand, and say, “I don’t really know how to dance, but wanna give it a shot?”

3. Optionally, do the same thing as in #2, only say, “I’ve been practicing my moves for weeks. Care to help me test them out?”

4. Or you could get even cheesier with “Come and get your groove on with me, baby!”

5. Or you could say “Screw this I know how to dance” and grab her hand and pull her onto the floor with you.

6. Casually drop not-so-subtle hints during conversation to get her to do the asking. “I really like this song. It’s good music to dance to.” “So I learned how to waltz the other day.” “Yeah, I was trying to practice slow dancing in contemporary women playwrights yesterday, but it wasn’t really the same without a partner *wink wink nudge nudge*”

7. Write her a song, ask if you can perform it, go up there and own it, and then afterwards when the crowd is going wild over your musical genius, sweep over to her and say “Dance with me?” in a cute, flirtatious way.

8. Or just, you know, ask her flirtatiously to dance. I’d provide an example but my knowledge of the subject is limited to Captain Jack Harkness and I don’t think I can really pull off the same charismatic appeal.

9. Write DANCE WITH ME? on the front steps with sidewalk chalk.(Because of that one time, when she was like “Do you have sidewalk chalk?” and you were like “Yeah I have sidewalk chalk!” only you couldn’t find it and were so upset you resorted to overusage of the word “like.”)

10. Look her squarely in the eye and ask her if she would like to dance with you. (But come on, who does this? Eye contact? Pfff…)

11. “Hypothetically speaking, if someone in your immediate presence were to ask you to dance with them, would you, hypothetically, say yes?”

12. Go up to her and twirl her around, then when she’s laughing pull her out onto the dance floor. Works best for faster songs.

13. You know you’re going to be awkward with her. I mean, come on, you’ve stared at the moon together, alone on a balcony on a rainy night, but never even so much as hugged because you’re too afraid. So own your awkwardness. Stutter. Blush. Stare at the ground. Trust me, it’s cute. As long as you get across the general impression of “Would you like to dance with me?” you’re good to go.

14. Start quoting song lyrics at her. “We spun around a thousand stars / I dreamed a dance with you / I know the night is dying, dear / I know the day will dawn / the dancers may disappear / still the dance goes on.”
…Maybe those exact lyrics don’t really work, but I never pass up an opportunity to quote Next to Normal.

15. Optionally, quote poetry at her. As my Shakespeare teacher once told me (and as they say in Dead Poets Society), poetry was invented to woo the girl of your affections. And also possibly to lyrically state universal truths and metaphysical concepts while working for social change. Possibly. But also for wooing. I know poetry by no means makes everyone swoon, but I can assure you that if a girl were to quote some Emily Dickinson or T.S. Elliot at me I would probably faint conveniently into her arms. I have many many favorite poems, but right now I adore “To a Stranger” by Walt Whitman and “somewhere i have never traveled,gladly beyond” by e.e. cummings. My favorite lines from that last one are “i do not know what it is about you that closes / and opens,only something in me understands / the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses / nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands”

16. You could get even more specific with that and take a leaf from the Bard. “If I profane with my unworthiest hand / This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:/ My lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand / To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.” (Romeo, you flirtatious person you.)

17. Draw her a picture explaining your proposition.

18. Just become Daenerys Targaryen (circa the beginning of book 3, since I’ve not read farther and who knows where her character arch could end up).

19. Get your friend to do it.

20. …just kidding, don’t do that or you’ll look like an idiot. Get your house elf to do it for you, since no one can resist adorable fictional creatures and also they have magic. Just be sure to pay them in socks.

21. Frost it onto partially-burnt loaves of bread and toss them to her unsuspiciously.

22. Find the Doctor, hop into the TARDIS, and pop off and have some adventures, which will make you courageous and bold. Then time travel to the dance, ask her while you still have the confidence, and then when you go back to your own time to wait for the dance, once it happens you’ll have already asked her and there will be nothing to worry about. (Don’t ask me how my logic works on this. I’m not even sure myself. Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey.)

Okay, if I even had the courage to try any of the slightly more reasonable ideas from my list, I couldn’t pull it off. I have resigned myself to awkwardly sitting at a table in the corner and making puppy eyes at the back of her head. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. Any additions to the list you may have (silly or otherwise) greatly appreciated. Genuine advice even more greatly appreciated.

The Libester Award


Super creative title, I know. I owe the honor of receiving this award with many thanks to The Impossible Girl, and no, I don’t mean Clara Oswald. (Who I don’t really know anything about because season 7 part 2 isn’t free on Amazon Prime yet. *glowers*) Anyway, you should go look at her blog because I am sure it is much more deserving of an award than mine.

And now for ze rules:
1. Post the Libester Award Graphic on your site
2. Thank the person who nominated you
3. The nominee has to write 11 facts about themselves
4. Answer the 11 questions from the post of the person who nominated you
5. Nominate 9 4 other blogs for the award
6. The nominee will create 11 questions of their own for their nominated bloggers to answer

Right then. Let’s get started.

Stuff About Artgirl I’m Sure You Really Wanted to Know

1. I’m always rotten at coming up with interesting facts about myself.
2. Usually the only romance in fiction I approve of is the kind where one of the characters dies at the end. (Actually, I plan on writing a post explaining why.)
3. One of my new dream roles as an actress is to play a companion on Doctor Who, but this will never happen because of my American accent.
4. Another dream of mine is to have one of my favorite authors say they love my books (because I will be published. I will.)
5. On weekends and school breaks I’m likely to spend entire days in my pajamas.
6. I have always really wanted a nickname.
7. I love to study smiles, and I can always tell when one is fake.
8. When I was younger I thought it would be really fun to be an olympic figure skater because I’d get to wear a fancy costume and have people throw flowers at me.
9. I’m a child at heart and refuse to accept that places like Narnia, Hogwarts, and Middle Earth don’t exist.
10. I stayed up past midnight when the seventh Harry Potter book came out to buy a copy right when it was released with my mom, who’d sewn us both wizard hats.
11. I have always wanted to try the fictional dishes that my favorite characters enjoy (shrimp in cream sauce, fish fingers and custard, sweets from Honeydukes, etc.)

Questions from the person who nominated me:

1.If you could be part of any story (a book or movie or TV show), which story would you chose?
This is a really, really difficult choice. The thing is, much as I love my favorite fictional realms, they’re so dangerous and I’d never survive. But, that aside, it’s really hard to choose just one. I think I’d travel through time and space with the Doctor, and along the way we could visit places like Hogwarts and Middle Earth.
2.Tea or coffee?
Hot chocolate.
3.Which fictional character bares the most resemblance to you (either in physical appearance, in character or both)?
This is a tough one. I’m not really like any fictional characters, since they’re nearly always brave, and I know I’m a coward. I’m very bookish like Hermione Granger, sort of average (in a good way) like Rory Williams, and I look a bit like Prim.
4.Summer or winter?
Both! I love summer because I have some free time and it’s my birthday, and I love winter because of hats and socks and snow and fuzzy blankets and cocoa.
5.Would you rather watch exclusively TV shows or movies for the rest of your life?
Nooooooo don’t make me choose! I am probably the most indecisive person on the planet (there’s another fun fact) and could never decide.
6.If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Well, aside from places that don’t actually exist, I’ve always wanted to visit Italy.
7.Gummy bears or chocolate?
Chocolate. Most definitely.
8.What’s the first movie you really remember? And why was it so memorable?
I think my fist movie was about Piglet, but the first movie I really remember seeing was Star Wars: A New Hope. I was probably six or seven, and my best friend and neighbor invited my dad and I to go over to her house and watch it. I managed to stay awake through the entire thing, and I think I enjoyed it. One thing I really remember was that my friend’s dog was in the corner the whole time, and I couldn’t tell his breathing apart from Darth Vader’s.
9.Which song could you listen to on repeat for hours?
Anything by Murray Gold. He is a brilliant composer and makes me want to listen to nothing but the Doctor Who score.
10.Comedy or Horror?
Definitely comedy. I’ve never seen a horror movie in my life, and don’t intend to.
11.Which Big Bang Theory character are you?
I don’t watch the show, so I really wouldn’t know.

My Nominees:

Nevillegirl at http://musingsfromnevillesnavel.wordpress.com
Miriam Joy at http://miriamjoywrites.com
Fishy at http://themagicfishy.wordpress.com
Orphu44 at http://amirrormadeofwords.wordpress.com

I apologize for not nominating nine like I was supposed to; I’m still working on my goal of reading more blogs.

Questions For My Nominees:

1. Pizza or pancakes?
2. What is your favorite word?
3. What was your favorite book as a child and why?
4. Would you rather be able to fly two feet off the ground, turn invisible (but only when no one’s looking), or make it rain squirrels?
5. What is your opinion on the word “weird”? Is it a compliment? And endearment? Would you use it to describe yourself? Would you use it to describe me?
6. If you could go on an adventure with one fictional character, who would it be and why?
7. Have you ever found yourself completely caught up in a fictional world with no chance of escape? What world? Did it result in any near-disasters?
8. What is your second favorite color?
9. Would you rather own a horse-sized goat or a combination dinosaur/platypus?
10. What is your opinion on the moon?
11. Which is better for building forts: an unlimited supply of cardboard boxes or blankets, pillows, and several chairs?

As the Tenth Doctor would say: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
But actually, I made the questions unusual on purpose, because it’s always fun to read the answers to strange questions. I hope you like them, and I hope you have a very lovely day.

On Living to the Fullest Potential

Tink: “How ’bout you go and do something with your own life so that we’d be remotely interested in snooping in your business!!
Codex: “If I could do that it would be on the agenda, believe me!”

-The Guild, season 5

I have a confession to make. I can be rather lazy at times. Rather than go out and have my own adventures, I much prefer to read about them in books, and I seldom leave the house on weekends or during the summer when given the option to. Instead read and procrastinate (I’m very good at that) and go online to read about all the amazing things everyone else is doing while I sit at home in my pajamas and wish I was out doing wonderful things too. My parents have started (jokingly) asking me how many times I’ve left my room on a given day.

The truth is, I often dream of going off on adventures (or journeys to friends’ houses), but when the time actually comes I can’t be bothered to leave my room. And then I read more, and wish my days were busy with a million ordinary tasks.

Perhaps this is just me being melancholy because my ninth grade year has been much less busy than my eighth grade. By the spring of 2012 I had a lot on my plate. I had choir rehearsals as well as confirmation classes each once a week, was performing in two shows, one of which I was the lead in, and doing my schoolwork and trying to choose a high school in addition. I had no time to sit around the house and busy myself with procrastination. And I was happy.

So then, my problem is not that I dislike “living a little”, so the phrase goes, but rather have trouble getting my butt off the ground in order to do so. I enjoy being busy. I’m happier when I have a lot on my plate. I just lack the motivation to take the initiative to, as Tink puts it in the quote at the beginning of this post, to “go and do something with my life”.

While my procrastination habits may soar during the summertime, this is also a good time of year to get started on doing meaningful or interesting things with my life. When I was in Puerto Rico I did just that, but now that I’m home and have little to fill the empty hours with, it’s time for me to stop lazing around. I need to take the initiative to do something with my life, otherwise I’ll end up becoming bored and malcontent. When I’m busy, I may be malcontent sometimes, but I never have the time to be bored.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I am going to post a bucket list of all the things I want to do over the summer and during the upcoming school year. I’ll probably add to that list as the months go by, and I’ll post here if I’ve reached one of my goals. Hopefully I’ll reach all of them. I’ll expect you, readers, to be strict and hold me to my list, okay? Here it is:
1. Learn to play the guitar competently, if not perfectly.
2. Find the perfect audition song
3. Convince parents to let me take voice lessons and dance class
4. Be in at least two shows (not including J-Term) during my tenth grade year.
5. Get entirely caught up on Doctor Who, and maybe start a few other TV shows my friends are interested in. (Well, the second part is optional. I don’t need even more things to get me to procrastinate, after all.)
6. Win NaNoWriMo in November (maybe try a higher wordcount goal?) and if Camp NaNoWriMo is attempted, won that as well.
7. Finish and win current Camp NaNoWriMo
8. Take more writing classes
9. Learn something new every day
10. Try something new such as fencing or Tai Chi
11. Learn Useful Life Skills so that I won’t be a complete imbecile when I go off to college in a few years.
12. Exercise more
13. Maintain this blog.

I probably will end up adding to that. For now, though, I think I’ll leave it be. I’m behind on my wordcount goal, and I need to write.

A Meager Excuse

Or rather, several meager excuses as to why I have not been posting:

1. The Doctor showed up at my house a few weeks ago and I became a companion, traveling through time and space in the TARDIS. Actually, the week before last I was on a youth group trip to Puerto Rico. I shall certainly post about it, maybe even include a few pictures, but alas, that will have to wait until later.
2. In addition to “recovering” from the trip last week, I had my fanfiction writing class. I wrote several things that I’d like to post here, including a Doctor Who fanfic involving festering wounds and Dora the Explorer, but first I have to get my stories typed up. I am still old fashioned enough that I write most things by hand.
3. Simply put, I have been hopelessly uninspired.

Well, that’s that. I should probably mention that I will be attempting Camp NaNoWriMo once again in July. That’s tomorrow. I wanted to post my novel summary, but the Camp website has crashed, so I won’t be able to post that either. Is the entire world against my posting actual worthwhile content on this blog?

I apologize for this meager excuse for a blog post.

Until I post again (hopefully with more actual things of importance to say),

Plans, Plans, Plans, and More Plans

In which Artgirl posts about her summer plans, writing plans, and a few life goals (for good measure).

Writing Plans:

1. This November I’m planning on writing the third book in my currently untitled trilogy. I wrote the previous two books for NaNo of 2011 and 2012. These are basically high fantasy novels set in a world of my own creation with lot’s of battles and evil people trying to conquer everyone. Don’t worry, they have detailed plots, though the specific plot of the third book is currently eluding me.
2. I also need to finish typing/editing the first drafts of my 2011 and 2012 novels.
3. I tried camp NaNoWriMo for the first time in April, and I need to finish writing/editing the first draft of my novel for that. It’s also a high fantasy novel, this time set in a completely different imaginary world. I do so love creating my own fictional worlds. The book involves a dangerous quest to rescue a kidnapped queen.
4. I started a prequel to my 2011/2012/2013 NaNo series and have the plot all planned out, so I need to finish writing that.
5. I’m planning on having my Camp NaNo novel be the first in another trilogy, and I have the plot of the second book semi-figured out already.
6. For YWP NaNo, I’m working on a short story for an anthology entitled Rainbow Snog, which promotes LGBTQA+ romance. I need to finish that in a couple of days. I’m almost done, I just need to write a few more pages. It’s horribly depressing, but I just can’t seem to write romance that turns out well for the characters involved.
7. I’m taking a few writing classes this summer (more on that later).
8. I’d like to start writing more poetry, because I’m woeful at it. I have maybe written only two halfway decent poems ever.

Summer Plans:

1. I’m going to Puerto Rico for a youth group mission trip in June. I’m really excited, but also nervous. We have to go zip lining on our second to last day, and I detest that sort of thing. I’m also nervous about flying, even though I’ve flown plenty of times.
2. I’m taking a fanfiction writing class in June/July. I’ve never written fanfiction, so it’ll be fun to try. I don’t have many ideas as of yet. Perhaps I’ll write my version to the ending of the last book in the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins. They’re not as popular as her other books, but just as good in my opinion, and I would strongly recommend them.
3. I’m going to be a counselor at the summer camp I’ve attended ever since about fifth grade. I’m both nervous and excited for this. On the one hand, I’ll get to return to a place that has become a second home to me over the years, but on the other hand I’m really shy and bound to mess something up. Does anyone have any tips about working with children? The ones I’m counseling will probably be between 9 and 11 years old.
4. I’m traveling to Northern Minnesota for a much-anticipated annual family reunion on the shores of Lake Superior.
5. In August I’m taking a class that studies the impacts movie soundtracks have on writing (mainly through writing). I’m looking forward to this class because it combines two of the things I love most: writing and music. If there were food involved, it would be just about perfect.
6. I plan on doing a lot of relaxing, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, laughing, eating ice cream, singing, crafting, and just being my crazy self this summer.

And just for good measure:

Life Plans:

Or, crazy dreams that are never going to happen but Artgirl holds onto them firmly anyway.

1. I would love to play Eponine in Les Miserables someday. I don’t care if it’s on broadway or a tiny community theater stage, but I want to play this part more than any other. This is one dream that might actually happen. I will make it happen, through practice and hard work and relentless auditioning.
2. I want to be on broadway or act in a movie, but these are really fantasies more than dreams. I’d be perfectly happy if I grow up to be a successful local actress living in a shoebox apartment.
3. I’d to publish a novel through an actual publishing company, not self-publishing. Preferably this will happen with more than one book.

So I guess those goals aren’t completely unrealistic, well, except for the middle one. I guess I just don’t need to be famous. I’d like to be a renowned author and actress, of course, but one who lives a relatively simple life and can walk down the street without getting mobbed by paparazzi. Fame really doesn’t interest me. What are some of your dreams or goals?

I Have An Idea!

Actually, it was my Mom’s idea. But oh well.

I keep a quote book. It’s a list of all the random, amusing, or unusual things I overhear that I keep in a little notebook, which I carry with me most of the time. My Mom came up with the idea that every time I post on a Friday, I should include a few quotes from the quote book. I liked this idea, so I’m starting a tradition.

Before I post today’s quotes, I’d like to ask you not to use these quotes for anything. I have written them down mainly because I hope to include a few of these lines in a future novel. Thank you. And now for today’s quotes:

“I tend not to judge people based on their bowel movements.”
I heard this in French class one day. This quote is the reason I decided to start writing down the interesting things people say.

“I licked her face today and she still complimented me!”
This quote comes from a particular student in my advanced geometry class. Funnily enough, quite a few of the quotes in my book come from him.

“I could probably fit my whole fist in your mouth.”
Another quote from the kid in my math class.

“I don’t like pants.”
And again.

“He wasn’t even wearing pants today.”
It seems we’re carrying on a similar theme.

“How do you accidentally lift up a teacher?”
I do not know.

Well, that’s all for today. What are some interesting things you’ve overheard people say?

Freshman Year Highlights

I was going to post my review, but it really is awful, so I think I’ll post that once I’ve edited it. However, the school year is winding down (a week and a half left!), so I thought I’d post a reflection on my first year of high school.

I’ve heard many people talk about how horrible Freshman year was for them. I’m on the complete opposite of the spectrum–I thoroughly enjoyed this year. It was definitely one of the best school years I’ve ever had. This was partially due to my classmates. I go to a performing arts school, and I have my two arts classes every day with the same group of people. At first, I expected there to be a lot of drama, my school being an arts school and all. I have had no real drama in any of my classes, and for that I am grateful. Aside from that, my class is just a wonderful group of people. We’re like a family. We’ve grown close over the course of this year.

Often times artists are not treated kindly growing up. Many of the adult actors I know say they were social outcasts when they were younger. It’s not that bad for me, and I was never severely bullied like many of my friends, but I never really felt like I fit in at my old school. I loved the place, but I was also lonely. At my new school, many of us can bond over not fitting in anywhere else. We fit in with each other, and that’s what’s important. For the first time, I’m friends with everyone in my class, or at the very least, on friendly terms with everyone. It’s a lovely feeling. I trust them, and they trust me.

Another thing I love about my school is the location. I won’t say where it is, but it’s a campus in a very beautiful area of a city. We have open lunch, and recently it’s been warm enough to eat outside. Some students play the guitar or the ukulele, so there’s nearly always someone playing music outside during lunch. It makes everything even more pleasant. Lazing on the grassy knoll. chatting and laughing with friends under the cloudless blue sky, taking silly pictures, a strumming of notes in the background–what more could one ask of life?

My classes themselves are fascinating. That’s not to say I enjoy every lesson, I get bored in school like any other normal student, I just like my classes and teachers overall. My favorite academic classes are probably English and French. English has always been a favorite subject of mine because I love to read and write, and I have really good teacher this year. The teacher of my French class is what makes the subject so interesting. She’s a great teacher, she gives us plenty of speaking practice and has games for us to play to practice vocabulary. We’ve also gotten to do fun things like make masks and watch a movie in French.

I’ve had many interesting arts classes as well. My favorite classes first semester were dance and artistry. We spent about half the class period warming up in dance, but I loved being inside the studio and thinking, how many schools have their own set of dance studios? Then I’d ride the escalator to the first floor and think, how many schools have an escalator? Artistry was fun because most of what we did was writing/performing our own skits in groups. I’ve always loved this sort of thing, and some of my classmates have brilliant ideas.

This semester my favorite arts classes were probably singing and acting. I love to sing, and I didn’t get to first semester. We had to sing Italian art songs because of juries, presentations of a song, monologue, and dance in front of your class and a panel of judges in a professional setting to show what you’ve learned, but it was still fun just to get to sing in class. Sometimes afterwards we’d walk down the street to our next class singing. To practice for juries, we had to sing solos in front of the class, which was terrifying at first, but ended up being kind of fun. I really liked acting because our big project this semester was scenes. The scene I was assigned was amazing, and it was really fun to work on. My character was a very different character than I’m used to playing, so it was an enjoyable challenge to play her.

Now that I’ve bored you with information about school, I’m off to make a Mothers’ Day card for my mom. I’ll try not to neglect my blog, though I’m quite stuck on what to post. Any ideas? It’ll be easier to post more this summer, because I won’t have homework. I suppose I will have vacations…ah, well. Happy almost not quite yet summer!